Compatibility Chart

Smart product designs with flexible hardware allows for adoption of new technologies such as Siri voice control, media integration for iPhone/iPod or Android based device, Apple lightning and USB connectivity, Satellite Radio connectivity, Bluetooth streaming audio, Bluetooth wireless control and Internet radio and apps integration and control. All of the Audiovox OEI connectivity systems are capable of accepting software updates so they can deliver continuous support for the ever advancing Apple and Android eco-systems and features Our integration kits provide quick and easy plug in connections to deliver the most connectivity your system allow.

The application below will easily guide you in finding the system that fits your vehicle. Just choose the model make and year of car and the application will provide your result. Professional installation recommended.
Compatibility Systems


  • External CD changer, if equipped, must be disconnected. No SiriusConnect or text support
  • Factory SAT radio, if equipped, must be disconnected. SAT can be retained with DUO-103-AVW / MB-1503-AVW
  • Text supported. Connects at factory SAT tuner. Retains factory SAT radio
  • Only DUO-103-AVW / MBR-1503-AVW support SiriusConnect compatible tuners and text display
  • 5 Connects at external CD changer location


  • If equipped with factory SIRIUS SAT tuner then BMW SAT Cable option is required (sold directly by BMW dealer only)
  • If equipped with digital DSP amplifier then BMW DSP Adapter option is required (part number AACCBMWDSP)
  • Text supported on all CD text-capable radios, external CD changer must be disconnected
  • Early 4:3 Navigation screen / system is not supported


  • CD text is only available on Cooper S with 09/2005 or newer build date
  • If equipped with factory SIRIUS SAT tuner then BMW SAT Cable option is required (sold directly by BMW dealer only)
  • External CD changer must be disconnected


  • Radio MUST support external CD changer or SAT/XM. External CD changer must be disconnected to use the kit in CDC mode. Text is ONLY supported in SAT/XM mode
  • Some 2009+ systems have INTEGRATED SAT tuner. On these systems, the kit can only be used in CDC mode (no text or SiriusConnect support)
  • Not compatible with the Technology package
  • Factory navigation radios with USB input do not support CDC emulation
  • Radios with CDL button are not compatible


  • :Radio must be SAT capable to display text and factory SAT must be disconnected. In SAT emulation, track control is available from radio, enhanced browsing (playlist, album, etc) is available via optional wireless remote (ACC-613-RCK) or directly from iPod/iPhone (remains Unlocked)
  • Factory Bluetooth, if equipped, must be re-pinned to DICE harness
  • 03-04 models may require a jumper soldered on radio circuit board at L716 location
  • FW 9.81 is not supported. To find out your FW version, make sure the radio (FM) is turned on with the engine running, then press and hold "TEXT". Then, also press and hold "1" at the same time for a few seconds. The FW version should appear on the display


  • Not compatible with radios with the "iPod" button on the face plate
  • Radio must have the "SAT", "CAT" or "CATEGORY" feature somewhere on the radio and must have a 12-pin SAT connector and 10-pin main harness
  • If vehicle is equipped with factory SAT and you wish to maintain the SAT function, use part #s DUO-100-NIS and ACC-012-EXT to install at the SAT tuner location
  • Not compatible with systems with an integrated SAT tuner


  • Radio must have TEXT button (soft button on touch screen) to display text
  • To retain factory SAT module, or for radios with integrated SAT tuner (may be indicated by a <> logo or having a RADIO button instead of SAT), the kit must be used in CDC/MP3 mode. Late model 09+ systems may not support text in CDC/MP3 mode
  • To enable SiriusConnect compatible tuner (i.e. SC-C1, not included), kit must be in SAT mode
  • Not compatible with navigation on 04 model OR with 09 Portable Nav Option
  • Radio must have large DOT-Matrix Display and NO SAT-BUTTON or Navigation radio with USB interface compatibility
  • Radio must NOT have grey 4 pin (built-in USB) connector on back side
  • Not compatible with navigation on 2012-2013 models
  • Not compatible with bespoke scion radio
  • Not compatible with Faceplate ID 518C5
  • Not compatible with SCION "10 series" models
  • Not compatible with Toyota Entune radios
  • Toyota Yaris upgrade radio only