Audiovox OEI : DUO AUX Cable

DUO AUX Cable 8Pin Din to 3.5M mini - 6Ft 

Audiovox DUO Auxiliary Connection Kit lets you connect an AUX audio device to your DUO for even more listening choices with your vehicles factory audio system.

Compatible with:
  • Audiovox ADUO-100-AUD
  • Audiovox ADUO-101-AVW
  • Audiovox ADUO-102-AVW
  • Audiovox ADUO-103-AVW
  • Audiovox ADUO-100-BMW
  • Audiovox ADUO-101-HON
  • Audiovox ADUO-100-MAZ
  • Audiovox ADUO-101-MAZ
  • Audiovox ADUO-100-NIS
  • Audiovox ADUO-101-NIS
  • Audiovox ADUO-102-NIS
  • Audiovox ADUO-103-NIS
  • Audiovox ADUO-101-TOY