SXV-200 tuner's 10 pin connector 

SXV200 Satellite Radio Converter Cable

Connect the new Satellite Tuner
With the AACCSATCBL accessory, simply connect the SXV-200 satellite radio tuner to select Audiovox Silverline DUO, MediaBridge and AUNI200USB kits. This accessory cable connects between the interface module's 8 pin "SC1" port and the SXV-200 tuner's 10 pin connector.

Extra Channel support
Select interface modules will allow the new "extra channels" above channel 254 to be selected. For the list of these models, please Click here to see the compatibility chart.
* Satellite radio subscription is required with premium /extra channel access.

Firmware update required
Using this cable and the new tuner requires the firmware update of the Audiovox Interface module. The update can be done thru the OEI dealer updater application version 3.5 or newer found here.